My Story

I have been a resident of Wasaga Beach for over ten years with my wife Melanie Case and our two young children. I am invested in our community and its success. Over the years I have been very active in our community and have listened to my neighbours hopes, dreams and fears. Very many are near and dear to my heart and my families. I strongly believe that we can come together and move this town forward to what it could and should be.

I am running for Mayor of Wasaga Beach. I am bringing new leadership that is focused on PUTTING RESIDENTS FIRST, accountable decision making, and working together to make Wasaga Beach safe, reliable, and affordable.

Being the owner of what is being considered by many as “the mecca for Tandem Skydiving in Canada”, achieving top-quality is of the utmost importance to me. I believe that the key to success is to Create a plan and see it through.  Although the plan may evolve, a goal needs to be set and forward motion achieved, in order see any tangible results. 

As the owner of federally regulated Commercial Aviation Operations including charter, sightseeing, skydiving and a flight school, I am well acquainted with all three levels of government, their processes and regulations, and most importantly how to get things done within the system. As an Accountable Executive, I am not only acquainted with policy, but I am also responsible for writing and ensuring the efficacy of those policies.

My personal drive, eye for detail and ability to follow the rules has always earned me the respect of my peers and has always helped me achieve my goals.

I am a man that understands the meaning of the word team and how important teamwork is to achieving any goal.  

As Mayor, I will work tirelessly to deliver results for Wasaga Beach and PUT RESIDENTS FIRST.