Attracting Family-Friendly Businesses

We are a family-friendly destination. Let’s attract family-friendly people and businesses to our community. This can be done by:


Planning a  ‘Wasaga Beach’ to reflect our Resident’s Vision

  • Develop and support Wasaga Beach’s Identity as a family destination.
  • A Beach 1 Master Plan to reflect the Wasaga Beach Identity and the voice of the residents.
  • Plan and build a ‘Resident Downtown’; including shops and amenities, 5-star restaurants, community events, sidewalks and access to a resident friendly beach area.
  • Use feedback to improve plans, then demonstrate how resident’s feedback affected the plan.


Planning ahead for changes to ‘Flow’ so that we can accommodate all of our needs

  • Plan ahead and properly manage 'flow’ so that our town supports the increase in population during the different seasons.


Attracting family-friendly tourism

  • Introduce Eco Tourism to Wasaga Beach, that can include options like Arctic Domes and other environmentally friendly options.