Safety and Security of Our Community

Keeping our community safe and secure should be one of our top priorities. It is one of mine.

This includes keeping our homes and families safe, improving our infrastructure and communicating and distributing important information that affects our day-to-day lives. Read below to find out some of my ideas to achieve this.


Keep our homes and our families safe

  • Improve safety on trails, beachfront and other parts of our community.
  • Introduce Emergency stations at the beach.
  • Implement a Community Safety Advisory Committee.
  • Provide clear concise communication to residents.
  • Introduce a Wasaga Beach residents phone APP to distribute all town information.


Improve our infrastructure

  • Improve infrastructure, like sidewalks and water drainage, to ensure residents and their property are safe.
  • Prepare and execute a plan to maintain or replace items before they become an issue.
  • Plan improvements around the sensitive needs of our residents.


Communication and the distribution of information

  • Notification of improvements so residents can plan around them.
  • Share knowledge with the community to improve our overall safety – like first aid and response.
  • Create a special sensitivity training for the specific needs of our unique community. For example: tourism, mental health needs, short-term rental use.